Ethiopia and the truth

This work trip to Etiopia has been very important for me, not only professionally, but mostly for my formation as a human being. My perception of beauty, poverty, sadness, happyness, strenght, power of nature, hearth of people, fear, wilderness, truth and Love has changed. Has now a wider scale. Among the many things i' ve learned during these past few weeks the most important one is: be a good person. Seeing certain realities made me realize that the only way to survive hard situation such as walking barefoot 20km to get water or simply trying to solve technical problems while working is a good attitude and good people around you. If you are a good person it will all come automatically. We are capable of amazing things. I want to thank the house records #isoladegliartisti, Angelo Rosato the president of the Progetto Etiopia Onlus Lanciano that is helping in many villages building schools and wells. I want to thank the best trip buddy Mineo Erika you are an example of bravery and your music is fantastic. Such an honor to work with you. And a big hug to our videomakers Fabio Perrone and Claudio Settembrini. IMPORTANT some of the pics are strong, but my job is to show the truth. So here it is. Thank you

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